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Reserve Now - $500
Please call 843-455-3049 after deposit to confirm payment.

By submitting this deposit I agree to the following terms and conditions.

  1. This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. If the purchaser does not follow through on the purchase of this vehicle, this deposit will not be refunded.
  2. If the purchaser follows through with the final purchase of the vehicle, the deposit will be applied toward the purchase price of the vehicle.
  3. BrandCar only accepts payment via wire transfer or cashier's check or through our preferred financing companies. Full payment will be made by purchaser within 7 business days. If full payment is not received by the end of seventh (7th) business day, vehicle will be re-sold, and BrandCar will retain the deposit.
  4. If purchaser pays via cashier's check, BrandCar will hold the vehicle for at least 10 business days after receiving the cashier's check to allow the cashier's check to clear.
  5. BrandCar does not warranty or guarantee any vehicle. BrandCar makes no representation regarding the salvage laws or regulations in any jurisdiction. If a vehicle is sold with a clean title, it is not guaranteed to remain a clean title in your state. It is up to the buyer to do the research on the future outcome of the title in their own state. Buyers are welcome to handle their own shipping. However, BrandCar offers competitive shipping to any state in the United States and can assist you in getting the vehicle to its destination.
  6. BrandCar is not responsible or liable for any damage incurred during transport, or at any time after the vehicle leaves our lot. These damages should be noted at the time of delivery and should be handled directly with the transport company.
  7. All vehicles have incurred damage prior to sale unless otherwise stated. All damage has been described as accurately as possible and in good faith.