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Why Brand Car?

We have a passion for cars, we know our customers want to save money on cars. And unlike our competitors we source all of our vehicles in house, which means no rebuilders patching up cars and sending them to us to profit on the customers. 

Why are we different?
Our unique business model removes the concerns of owning a car with a history and leaves our buyers with only the benefits.

We provide financing.
We provide protection plans.
We provide buyback/trade in when you're ready to upgrade again.

How do we locate our vehicles?
With access to insurance auctions, dealer trade ins, clean title auctions we have access to hundreds of thousands of cars.

We also use our experience to hand select

franchise trade in units with clean tiles and accident history
reconditioned hail damage
theft recovery
repaired collision damage
catastrophic buyouts from water/wind

Explanation of titles/vehicles
Our units are sourced from wholesale purchases, franchise dealership trade ins, lease buyouts, repair facility buyouts, and customer direct.

Clean title - Typically franchise dealer trade ins-some of these units will show an accident on a history report-but they are guaranteed to be a clean title and will have factory warranty if applicable.

Clean title with total loss history - these vehicles have a clean title but will show a total loss history. They received damage, but it was not severe enough to issue a salvage title. Again- These units will show a total loss on a history report, but they are not a salvage title. They are clean title vehicles. Please verify with your local DMV before purchasing that your state will abide with the laws of titling state and issue a clean title in your home state.

Rebuilt title - previously salvaged from theft/collision/catastrophic event/hail. Vehicles have been inspected by state and given the stamp of approval. These vehicles have been professionally repaired and do provide the most savings.

Save money here at Brand Car!

  • In the past few years we've seen more and more buyers wanting to buy vehicles with history, and we want to lead the way in selling you a branded title with a no worries buying experience.
  • We help provide cash deals, financing, protection plans!
  • We have over 50 years of experience in the automotive industry!
  • We have thousands of customers that stand behind us saying that we do vehicles the right way!